Visiting the Club.

To enhance the safety and enjoyment of the Club and facilities, we ask that our members and guests follow our club policies. Please take a moment to review them at your convenience.
Valet services: As you pull up to Clubhouse, all our members and guests are asked to take advantage of our valets who are available to park your car, assist you with your clubs, and direct you to your destination whenever the club is open.
Attire: To maintain our environment of casual elegance, we ask that members and guests refrain from wearing t-shirts or casual denim. Dress denim is permitted in the Clubhouse with some exceptions. Hats are not allowed in any dining areas.
Locker Rooms: Available to members and guests, we have facilities for golf as well as in the pool building. Locker Room Attendants are available to assist you. 
Food + Beverage: No outside food or beverages please. State law forbids liquor to be brought onto Club premises by members or guests for personal consumption. Liquor service is available from 11 am to closing.
Tipping: Tips are accepted by our Valet Staff, Locker Room Attendants and Caddies for good service. Tipping of any other Club personnel is prohibited.
Smoking: Cigarette smoking is permitted in designated areas only; when in doubt, please ask a member of our staff for assistance. 
Men’s Golf Attire:  Men are kindly asked to wear sport shirts or golf shirts with sleeves and raised collars or turtleneck collars. Shirts should be tucked into slacks or shorts at all times. Please no cargo style shorts.  Denim of any color is not allowed.  
Women’s Golf Attire: Ladies are asked to wear Shorts and skirts modest in length. No short shorts are permitted. Tops may be worn out if they are designed to be worn out. However, these tops must be of sufficient length to cover the individual's midriff under normal playing conditions. No tank tops or halter tops are permitted. 
Cell Phone Policy: As a courtesy, we ask that our guests:

  • Avoid ring tones of any kind; please set your phone to vibrate mode.
  • Excuse yourself from any area where members are present prior to answering the phone.
  • Speak softly.
  • Keep calls from delaying play on the golf course.